Days after herdsmen sacked five Enugu village farm settlements in Mgbuji Eha-Amufu autonomous community on Tuesday, the Enugu State Government has summoned an emergency security meeting. All the security heads and stakeholders in the Eha-Amufu, Isi-Uzo Local Government Area of the state will be attending.

The meeting will hold on Saturday, after herdsmen said to be on military and police uniforms on Thursday, attacked traders at Orie Ogbete Mgbuji market and killed many people.

According to Chief Eric Ebeh “In the afternoon yesterday (Thursday) people in military and police uniforms that numbered over 40 stormed Orie Ogbete Mgbuji market and started shooting traders. Some people were burnt with motorcycles while others were burnt inside their shops.

“We have recovered three bodies this morning. We cannot go inside the village to search for more dead bodies and evacuate them because the town had a red zone.”

Ebeh, who lamented the level of destruction done to the community with government security agencies showing indifference to their plight, noted that more than 100 hectares of rice farms were destroyed.

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