A year book of the old students of constitution Crescent primary school,Aba will be up on the 20th of January for sign up.

Constitution Crescent Primary School was an elite Primary school in the 70s,80s and early 90s producing many intelligent students in the whole of old Imo state in their days of glory.

The school which was popularly known as Sancta Maria has many of its old pupils in many important aspects of human endeavours.

The yearbook is aimed at connecting all past students across the globe to enhance networking, relish the old good days and take steps towards the growth of the school.

Notstreet International,a leading online yearbook builders will build the yearbook.

The following are what all CCPS old students should know about the yearbook.


  1. What is CCPS Yearbook about?
    It is an online year aimed at connecting all old pupils of the prestigious Constitution Crescent Primary School, Aba aka Santa Maria.
  2. When do we start signing up?- The site will be opened on the 20th of January 2022 for signing up.
  3. Who is eligible to subscribe? All persons who spent a reasonable time in the school as a pupil.
  4. Who is building the yearbook- The Yearbook is being built by Africa’s number one online yearbook builders Notstreet International. They specialise in building online yearbooks for old boys,old girls associations,alumni association and other institutions across Africa.
  5. What are the terms? Notstreet operates in two different ways. (A) An organisation can pay them to build an online yearbook or (B) They can build and collect their money back from subscriptions. (B) applies to the CCPS yearbook.
  6. Are there any financial implications? Yes. Every set through any sponsor from that set,or the set itself if they are organised will pay the sum of N50,000 on behalf of their set and every member of that set will be qualified to sign up. Even three people can sponsor a set sef.
  7. How do you make sure only CCPS students sign up? There are questions that will be answered on signing up. After signing up, your submission will be pending until your set signs up and your profile will go live.
  8. Are there people who will be allowed to sign up before their set pays. Yes. As a test run,we will sign up two people each from each set on first come first serve basis. So the first two people in any set/class to sign up will be automatically approved.
  9. Will any amount be deployed to our alma mater? Yes.70% of the amount realised after the first N300k will be donated to a project in the school.
  10. What is the website where people will sign up?
    The website and email will be announced on the 19th of January 2020
  11. I want to sponsor my set- Send a whatsapp to 08032163006

Get ready! Let us reconnect

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