Professor Chukwuma Soludo has urged the church to confront the common enemy of idolatry which he described as the fastest growing religion in the state.

Speaking at a religious function in Onitsha, Soludo said he had declared war on criminals, their shrines and priests and burnt down their idols since he became the governor of the state.

The governor said: “They can come with whatever they want to, but with the bible in our right hand, we shall prevail.

“Anambra is in the hands of God, but we must continue to pray, to take back our state from criminals, touts and lawlessness.

“Idolatry is the fastest growing religion in the state and we must not take it for granted.

“If we bond together, we will survive collectively, but if we go separately, we will die separately. This land is our own, we must not give up on this”. Describing Anambra as God’s own state, Soludo said there is need for all denominations to unite as one body in Christ, adding that denomination is merely a mode of worship, faith and dogma.

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