The National Boundary Commission has begun fresh moves to end the lingering boundary dispute between Abia and Akwa Ibom states.

The commission summoned officials of the two states to a roundtable meeting in Abuja on Wednesday.

The Director General, National Boundary Commission, Adamu Adaji, noted that earlier meetings did not yield the desired results.

Adaji noted that the boundary in dispute covered 275 kilometres in length between the Old Cross River/Imo interstate boundary areas.

He added that the boundary has “tripoints’’ at Abia, Akwa Ibom and Cross River in the north and Abia, Akwa Ibom and Rivers in the south.

A tripoint or tri-border area is a geographical point at which the boundaries of three countries or subnational entities meet.

Adaji explained that the Federal Government promulgated the Decree 23 of 1985 to adjust the boundary on the recommendations of the Kaloma Ali Boundary Ascertainment Commission, as a starting point of the boundary.

He noted, however, that the directives of the Federal Government for the boundary to be delineated and demarcated with the emplacement of permanent boundary pillars were not implemented.

“Since taking over the boundary definition process, the commission has carried out various inconclusive field tracing and provisional demarcation exercises on the boundary.

“The challenges have always been the dearth of clear delimitation instruments or the non-clarity of them where they exist.

“Other challenges include the deliberate efforts to misinterpret the documents by stakeholders or their failure to accept them.

“Fortunately, we have succeeded in identifying sectors of the boundary that were not defined by the Decree line; the sectors in dispute as well as the sectors that the two states agreed as their areas of consensus,’’ Adaji said.

He said Wednesday’s meeting was organised to review the status of work on the boundary and discuss the way forward toward the completion of outstanding works.

He also called for the establishment of a joint technical team of officials of the Federal Government and the two states to document what had been done in the past.

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